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“Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.”

– Mary Oliver

Since 2015, I’ve enjoyed living in my “Treehouse” – a home on five acres of forested land, rich with beech and white oaks and spring-fed creeks. From the night I moved in, nature has been my companion and teacher, and a comfort to me every day.


My first night here, a large mama raccoon woke me in the middle of the night rummaging through a small plastic garbage bag I had forgotten on the front porch. Lesson learned: you can’t do that in the woods. And each spring, including this one, I get to count the bluebird eggs that ‘Mama & Papa Blue’ care for in their nest. So far this spring there are five.


The Spring of 2019, a new resident decided to live here with me – a one-year-old cat born at the neighbors down the street. Apparently, she had enough of her siblings and prefers the plush life at the Treehouse with her blanket and heated outdoor house. (She also prefers outdoors, not for a lack of trying.)


Lately, she’s taken to hiking with me in the woods. She isn’t leashed, just comes along at her own pace, climbs trees, hunts fish in the creek, and flops down on the trail right in front of my feet.


The plentiful hours at home these past years during the pandemic (outside of those when I’m working from home, a luxury compared to many, for which I’m grateful) have lured me back to paying attention to and doing things that had long been shuffled to the bottom of the deck.


  • Inspired by my neighbors, I started clearing walking trails in my woods.


  • This website is completely revamped and ripe with the stuff of life that I enjoy most.


  • I’m writing again…some of which will appear here in the blog, some not.

And yoga and walking and breathing…


Thank you for visiting. Chloe Otter, the hiking kitty, and I look forward

to sharing more soon.



p.s. Those two characters on the right (Miss Etta & Lola) will occasionally 

make guest appearances as their schedules allow.

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