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Inspired by Mary Oliver's 'Wild Geese'

Do they know their destination, those wild geese in determined formation against the slate sky

Do their instincts guide them to a particular place, a knowing when they arrive

Do they worry along the way that this path may be the wrong one, that another route,

another flock may be better

Do they trust their instincts as a faith beyond knowing

...does this give them the endurance to wing their way along roller coaster air currents

Perhaps... as they announce their place in the world,

over and over, as I do,

the echoed calls of their companions is what leads them home.


Listen to Mary Oliver read her beloved poem 'Wild Geese'

And if you are inclined, choose a phrase or a few words that resonate with you from her poem. Give yourself five or six minutes to write and see what comes from the prompt.


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