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A New Kind of Spring

On March 10, before most of the United States were under shelter-at-home orders because of COVID-19, Mama and Papa Bluebird checked out one of my nest boxes. Last year, they built three nests beginning in March and raised 12 baby bluebirds over a few months.

Every year, the ritual repeats itself, with no less wonder. This year that is especially true. First, the male bluebird scopes out the potential home and shows it to his partner. Then the female decides if she likes it and wants to build her nest there. This process continues until she is satisfied. It's basically just like an episode of House Hunters but without granite counter tops.

After the nest is ready, she will lay one egg per day until 3-6 are in the nest, then she settles in to incubate her eggs. During incubation, Papa Blue brings Mama Blue bugs and worms while she sits on the nest. After 12-14 days, the babies break through their shells, and Mama Blue diligently cleans her nest, removing all the bits of shell.

Together, the parents will feed and care for their young until it is time to lure them into the big green Spring world.

Until that day in May when this group of five soon-to-be baby bluebirds leave the nest - and we consider when we may be able to do the same, let's use this time to grow, to rest, to evolve, and to care for each other.


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