Open Road Writers

Writing Workshops in the AWA Method

The open road is all about the journey. It's about detours, unexpected once-in-a-lifetime sites and strangers who become friends. The open road and writing both look down the path of possibility and beg us to begin -- to take a first step, to explore, to savor the thrill of new discoveries within and beyond ourselves.

The spirit of the open road is at the heart of Open Road Writers. We write to express, to learn, to grow and to discover the world around us and ourselves. We nurture each other along the way. And together, we have fun!


Open Road Writers is a community of writing for all writers.

Pack your notebook or tablet, the road awaits! 

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops!

New Dates Coming Soon...

9am  Arrive, get comfy & connect with your fellow writers

9:30am - 12:30pm Workshop 

Location: Seeking new gathering space...stay tuned

A reservation is required and each date is limited to 8 people. 

Fee for one workshop = $40; reserve your spot at 2 or 3 and save - $70 for two workshops; $100 for three.

Reserve your spot TODAY!

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The AWA Method

The AWA Method is based in the following essential affirmations and practices to establish a safe environment where everyone can explore their own writing and listen to others with respect.


  1. Everyone has a strong, unique voice.

  2. Everyone is born with creative genius.

  3. Writing as an art form belongs to all people, regardless of economic class or educational level.

  4. The teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer's original voice or artistic self-esteem.

  5. A writer is someone who writes.


  1. Everyone’s writing, including the leader’s, is treated with equal respect and value.

  2. Writing is kept confidential and treated as fiction.

  3. Writers can refrain from reading their work aloud.

  4. Responses to just-written work reflect what is strong and successful.

  5. Responses and exercises support the development of literary craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

Anyone who has a desire to write! All are welcome - all backgrounds,

skill levels, writing interests.

How large is the group and how often do we meet?

Groups are generally 5-10 people, including myself as your leader. Frequency

can be one session, or weekly for 4-8 weeks depending on the location / schedule. 

What do we do each time we gather?

Our time will become a wonderfully familiar practice - prompt, write, read, respond - all done using the AWA Method. You may let a prompt take you wherever your writing wants to go. Each participant has the option to read, or not. And responses will focus on what was strong, what we remember. As the leader, I take the same risks you do and will write, read and respond along with the group.

Is this a critique group?

No. New work just born on the page deserves respect, care and encouragement.  

What if I want feedback on a piece I am writing?

Workshops that are 8 weeks or longer will offer opportunities for manuscript review by the group. Generally, this includes up to 4 poems or 12 pages of narrative writing, any genre. Feedback will include what is strong and what we remember, and also offer suggestions or questions from the readers. 

How long are the workshops?

One-time workshops can be 2-3 hours long. Longer series can vary from 4-8 weeks, meeting weekly for 2 hours each time. 


Do you offer weekend writing retreats?

I plan to offer a full one-day writing retreat Fall 2018! Please email me with specific interests you may have.

Sandy is a fantastic force of nature! Warm, welcoming, funny and endlessly creative, she really brings out the best in everyone in her writing group. It is awesome to hear your fresh, sometimes wobbling and tentative young writing responded to by Sandy, who catches and savors the magic in each writer's imagery, rhythm or phrasing, and makes each writer feel--and even believe--that their writing is a gift. ~ Leslie